First Day Tips For Newcomers!

First Day Tips (IMPORTANT!!):

  1. When you arrive at the white double doors that lead to our space, they should be open so you can just pull on them. If the door does not open please buzz playgroup and I will come open the door for you.
  2. Once you are inside, please check-in with me for attendance. I will be to the left of the entrance sitting at a small brown desk. RETURNERS check-in is required for you as well this semester. 
  3. After checking in there is a taped off area for stroller parking please start parking on the side of the space farthest from the door and keep your brakes off, so that in the event your stroller needs to be moved for someone to get out of the parking area they can do so easily. Then remove your shoes before leaving the parking area.
  4. At 10:30/12:30 group snack will begin, please try to refrain from sitting little ones down earlier than 10:25/12:25 because the snack preparation may not be complete. If your child or you would like to eat or drink before snack time you are more than welcome to eat and drink in the designated snack area. All other areas should be left food and drink free.
  5. After group snack, your parent coordinator will lead everyone in cleaning up the snack area. Cleaning supplies will be available in our cleaning supply closet located across from the snack area.
  6. At 11:15/1:15, clean-up time will begin. I will give the signal by changing our music to a clean-up time playlist. Everyone will assist with either resetting (9:30 session) or breaking down (11:30 session) the space. Then everyone will have a chance to pack-up before the next session arrives or we close.
  7. The bathroom is located through the door with the “Bathrooms downstairs” sign. Once you go through the door and to your right the bathrooms are a straight shot down the stairs.
  8. We do also have access to the kitchen in the basement if you need to warm anything up. The kitchen on the main floor is not for our use.
  9. There are three receptacles for trash and recycling. BLACK bag is for trash, the CLEAR bag is for paper products, and the BLUE bag is for plastic, cans, and glass. There are signs above each as a reminder please only put what is labeled in each receptacle. The church receives a $400 fine each time refuse and recyclables are not properly sorted.
  10. There are changing tables and a diaper genie in the very back right corner of the space. This is the only area where diapers should be disposed of and children should be changed.
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