On-Site Changes (Starting 11/18/19)

The unbearable cold is finally here and that means that Playgroup will have to strictly enforce all our policies to ensure the safety of all adults and little ones present at FGCH Playgroup. Please read the points below so that you are set up for success during your time at FGCH Playgroup moving forward:

  • Due to an increase in administrative duties I am no longer available to help with group snack prep.Starting Next Week, Group Snack Volunteers and Parents Coordinators will be solely responsible for making sure group snack is:
    • Ready to serve at 10:30 (9:30 session) or 12:30 (11:30 session)
    • Cleaned up by 11:00 (9:30 session) or 1:00 (11:30 session)

*Snack Volunteer Parents who do not attend playgroup please make sure your caretaker understands that they are responsible for set up and clean-up on the day that you volunteer for volunteer day.

  • Our sessions will be maxed out most days which means that we will need more time to clean-up before the next session starts. 
    • Clean-up time will start 20 mins before the end of each session to ensure there is enough time to put everything away safely and neatly. 
    • Since Playgroup is a co-op and thrives with the efforts of our community, when the clean-up songs start playing EVERYONE is expected to help put away all the toys in their proper place and/or storage bin. Starting next week there will be pictures of what each bin and station at playgroup should look like when properly cleaned up. 
    • If you leave before clean-up starts you are expected to help clean-up the snack area before you exit the playspace and all toys your child(ren) was using.
  • After clean-up, EVERYONE (with the exception of those families registered for both sessions) should begin packing up and transitioning to leave the playgroup space. 
    • Anyone still in the playgroup space 10 minutes after their session ends will be counted as a drop-in and charged the $10 fee (with the exception of those experiencing an emergency).  This measure has been put in place to discourage lingering in the space as it will make it difficult for arriving families to enter the space and transition into playtime.
  • Families arriving for our 11:30 session will not be permitted to enter the space until the start of their session. All those who arrive early are welcome to hang out in the vestibule until their session starts. We will be opening both our doors at 11:30 AM so that there is a natural ebb and flow between sessions.
  • Drop-ins are session-specific meaning a drop-in gains you entrance to one session regardless of the time you arrive. When dropping-in please try to arrive at the very beginning of one of our sessions to maximize your time with us!

Please let Kayla know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


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