Dear Community,

For 40 years, the Fort Greene Clinton Hill (FGCH) Playgroup has served this Brooklyn community by providing an enriching environment for children to play and family members and caregivers to connect.
The FGCH playgroup was historically an all-volunteer-run operation. Pricing has always been kept as low as possible to be as inclusive as possible. Before the pandemic, we hired a playgroup coordinator as it became increasingly difficult to rely on all volunteer help. Due to financial constraints suffered during the pandemic, a lack of volunteers, and lower enrollment, FGCH Playgroup is no longer financially viable, and thus we will be closing our doors. Unfortunately, this means we are not hosting a 2023 Spring Semester.
This message serves as a thank you to everyone in our Community for the support, shared snacks, and shared play over the years. If you are interested in renting the space from the church to host classes or forming a collective that uses the playgroup space, please feel free to message us, as we would be happy to facilitate contact with Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church or to help keep some form of playgroup going.
As board members, our children spent their earliest childhoods at playgroup, and we have loved the Community we built and shared.
Lastly, thank you, Ashley Jossell, for all your hard work keeping us afloat throughout these last years. Ashley’s diligence, kindness, and leadership are well appreciated.

Thank you for everything,
FGCH Playgroup Staff & Board Members
If you have any further questions please feel free to email or