Who are you guys anyway?

The Playgroup board is comprised of a  group of volunteers who have donated their time to keep playgroup going.

Fall 2019 Board Members:

  • President: Andrea Palacios
  • Vice-President: Candy Willcocks
  • Secretary: Nikki Crook
  • Treasurer: Joe Musso
  • Operations Manager: Erin Chu

Kayla Brice is employed by the board and serves as our On-Site Coordinator. She attends each group to make sure that playgroup runs safely and smoothly. Parent Coordinators are parents of children currently enrolled in Playgroup that volunteer their time during their session to ensure playgroup runs smoothly. All volunteer positions are offered free entrance to playgroup in exchange for their time. (That works out to compensation of about ten cents an hour if anyone is wondering.)

FGCH Playgroup is located at 85 S Oxford Street between Fulton and Lafayette Ave.

Is Playgroup affiliated with the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church? 

No, Playgroup is an independently run non-profit organization. That said, they have hosted Playgroup for decades and have been a tremendous resource to the FGCH community – and as such we encourage members to learn more about their programs and other offerings.

What makes this a co-operative playgroup?

We are committed to keeping the cost of Playgroup as low as possible, to make it accessible to as many families as we possibly can. To do this we ask that parents volunteer in different capacities – including coming to the playgroup space one night per semester to clean and cull the toys. Clean-up nights are designated to each session and can be found under the Fall 2019 Page.

I want to enroll my child(ren). What can I do?

We are now introducing rolling registration! Please visit our registration page (Winter 2020>>Registration) or contact Kayla, our On-Site Coordinator, at kayla@fgchplaygroup.org for more infomation.

For those having trouble getting the registration widget to load you can also register at the link below:


What is your drop-in policy?

Drop-Ins at FGCH Playgroup have changed. We now CASHLESS. Public Drop-Ins are priced at $15/child/session. You can purchase drop-in packs at the following link:


Families registered for at least one semester-long weekly session can use the code fgchwin2020 for $25 off our drop-in packs. Those not regsitered for a weekly session are not eligible.

What happens if I miss my clean-up night?

We publish the designated clean-up dates for the semester under the semester info page. We ask that when you are registering if you are already aware of any conflicts with the designated clean-up dates please contact Kayla, our On-Site Coordinator, at kayla@fgchplaygroup.org. Attendance of clean-up nights are noted and those families who attend are then eligible to sign up for the following semester. You can send a partner, friend, babysitter or anyone in your place if you wish. If you miss every single opportunity to attend that semester, you will not be permitted to enroll for the following semester of playgroup.

  • Monday 9:30, Thursday 11:30Tuesday, January 14th, 2020
  • Tuesday 9:30, Friday 11:30Tuesday, January 28th, 2020
  • Monday 11:30, Thursday 9:30Tuesday, February 11th, 2020
  • Tuesday 11:30, Friday 9:30Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
  • Wednesday 9:30Tuesday, March 10th, 2020
  • Wednesday 11:30Tuesday, March 24th, 2020

We registered for a session but now my child’s nap time has changed. Can we change times?

If space is available we can sucessfully transfer your child into a more suitable session, but we can not guarantee there will be space.

The session I registered for is during my child’s lunch or snack time. Can I feed my child there?

Playgroup has an organized snack break during each session (in the earlier session, at 10:30am; in the later session at 12:30pm), which is organized by a different family each week. The children sit at child-sized tables and chairs together and enjoy each other’s company during this time. Outside of this, we ask parents and caregivers to please refrain from letting children wander with snacks/sippy cups in hand. If your child needs to eat or drink outside of the prescribed snacktime, please have them do so while supervised, at the tables away from the main play areas. Children are not permitted to play with snack-packs or sippy-cups in hand. Parents and caregivers are responsible for cleaning up after snacks. Lastly, please note that Playgroup is a nut-free space. 

I have oodles of extra free time and want to help out! What can I do?

You can volunteer as a Parent Coordinator! Below is a list of expectations and benefits for Parent Coordinators:

  • 9:30 Parent Coordinators:
    • Arrive by 10:15
    • Check-In with Kayla
    • Set-Up Snack
    • Lead Session Clean-Up of Snack Area
    • Announce at 11:10 that it’s time for clean-up and pack-up
  • 11:30 Parent Coordinators:
    • Arrive by 12:15
    • Check-In with Kayla
    • Set-Up Snack (Ask for a show of hands this session typically has fewer snack participants)
    • Lead Session Clean-Up of Snack Area
    • Announce at 1:10 that it’s time for clean-up and pack-up
  • All Parent Coordinators:
    • Consistent Attendance
    • Check Snack Sign-Up each Sunday to see if your upcoming session is covered (if not send out an email to your session)
    • Send follow-up emails to snack volunteers to confirm they are still able to provide the snack.
    • If a parent sends you an email that you do not have a definite answer for you can forward the email to Kayla at kaylafgchplaygroup@gmail.com
  • Benefit:
    • All parent coordinators gain free entrance to Playgroup during their semester of volunteering.
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