Unfortunately FGCH Playgroup is closing. There will be no Spring 2023 session(s) available.

Ages 0-4

How does FGCH Playgroup Work?

During our Winter Session, we have 3 sessions Monday, Tuesday & Thursday and 1 session on Wednesday. Our registration portal below will take you to our Hi Sawyer Profile to complete registration for you session(s) of choice.

Can I drop off my child(ren) at FGCH Playgroup?

We are a co-op and thrive on community, so we require an adult to be present with each child attending.

Is FGCH Playgroup offering drop-in or make-up sessions?

We are offering $25 drop-ins. Make up sessions are always free and should be scheduled or discussed with staff before coming to FGCH Playgroup to ensure we not at max. capacity. New adult’s must have their vaccination card with them to enter the play space for drop-in’s.

Can I register my child(ren) for more than one session?

We encourage families to register for as many sessions as they want to attend.

Can my child eat and drink while attending FGCH Playgroup?

Food and drink are permitted in the space and can only be consumed at the table and chair area towards the back of the play space.

If you have any further questions please visit our policies page or email our staff at info@fgchplaygroup.org

FGCH Registration Portal